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Drysuit Scuba Diving with the Academy of Scuba Drysuit Scuba Diving with the Academy of Scuba will comfortably take you to a world where few dare to tread. Whether you are planning an Arctic ice dive or a summer trip to Catalina Island, Drysuit diving will help you be a better, more comfortable diver. Welcome to the definitive resource for Drysuit divers.

Drysuit Sales and Rentals

Try out a drysuit today or get your very own at the Academy of Scuba The Academy of Scuba offers a full line of drysuits as well as the largest selection of drysuit rentals in Arizona. Ready to take the next step in diving? Get ready to drysuit dive. The Academy of Scuba carries brands like BARE, Pinnacle, and Waterproof. Additionally, we can help you with your drysuit purchase from Whites, Atlan, OS Systems, DUI, and others.
Click here to see drysuits for sale at Academy of Scuba.

Not ready to buy your suit? We have rentals from Extra Small to 2XL. Let's size you up and get you in the water!
Click here for more info on drysuit rentals at Academy of Scuba.

Academy of Scuba Courses

The Academy of Scuba can teach you how to dive in a drysuit The Academy of Scuba offers several courses and workshops specific to divers looking to dive dry, stay warmer, and be safer. Drysuit diving is fun and comfortable. Our course selection will walk you through the options involved in drysuit diving, learning the essential skills while drysuit diving, and basic care and maintenance for your drysuit. Great divers are always learning. Whether you are a beginner diver or expert, the Academy of Scuba has a drysuit course to help expand your horizons.
Click here to learn more about our courses.

Drysuit Resources

Resources for the drysuit Scuba diver Insightful articles! Tips from the Pros! Advice from the Vendors! Our drysuit resources page is a hub for you to return to over and over again to get updated on what is happening in the drysuit realm. While there, sign up for our DrySuitScubaDiver email list and be alerted when new resources are added.
Click here for more information.

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